Monday, March 7, 2011

bedroom decorating - my little guy's room

After sharing my little girl's room I thought I'd share with you my little guy's room. From the day after he was born we were set on a nautical theme for his room. 
One day I will have a lovely old canoe bookshelf in here. Pottery Barn is really great for inspirational decorating ideas for kids' bedrooms!

Much of the decor in here is from Germany. We had struggled to find decently priced items to put in his room but when on holiday in Germany we found a store that sold a huge range of nautical decor at very affordable prices... we brought home 2 little blue boats, a light house, a little round bouy, a board with hooks and a set of replica old fashioned light house keys. 
We added a $5 light from Ikea and a couple of other nautical touches from here and there and I'm really happy with his light and breezy bedroom.

I love this fishing net and the way it looks draped on the wall. It was a bargain at $4 but unfortunately is from Germany too.



  1. Well, I must say, visiting your home is like looking through a beautiful home magazine. And I do think you have wonderful taste in boy's names. I love the name Noah. So much so, I have one too ;) I love this nautical theme and even have a little lighthouse shelf on my boys' wall. xx

  2. What a fab coincidence Kymmie. It is a beautiful name and I am glad we chose it even though it is quite common! :o}
    I would LOVE to see a photo of the lighthouse shelf in your little guy's room if you're willing to share one day! x

  3. Oh Bianca I love his room! I am sold on the bed :) Love love love it!!

  4. I just realised there isn't a full on decent photo of the bed lol. Let me know if you want to see one. I LOVE it in white xx


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