Wednesday, February 29, 2012

summer fun - sponge bombs {and ice cream}

You may remember a few weeks ago we had a heat wave here in Western Australia. 
Well, I made the most of it, overdosing on homemade ice cream sandwiches thanks to the lovely Jade {i just used oreo instead of malteasers}

AND we made these awesome spongebombs I saw here via Pinterest. What a great idea huh!

They were truly easy to make up and we have been having an absolute ball with them. The first day we played with them, the four of us were running around like pork chops in the back yard laughing until our sides hurt. We are still enjoying them, they're just impossible not to have fun with. 

I bought the sponges at the supermarket - I just bought the cheapest I could find.

You then cut them into strips. I got 4 strips per sponge.  

Place a length of fishing line on the table, then arrange the sponge strips in two rows of four, one on top of the other, like so. {On top of the fishing line}

Then you pull the fishing line together and double tie it around the middle of the sponge bomb.

They will then look like these little sponge bombish sea urchin things! 

Pop them in a bucket, and throw them around!

Seriously. So much fun.




  1. That ice cream sandwich looks delicious and I would love one right now!!!

    I can't wait til it's summer over here to try that sponge bomb. The last photo is precious!!!

  2. What a great idea! I'll add sponges to the shopping list and hope we get some more hot weather this summer.

  3. Going to make those sponge bombs! They look like a lot of fun... Thanks for sharing :)

  4. We love those icecream sandwiches too in our family - so yummy!! I was thinking about making them for a party we're having here on the weekend as I'm short on fridge space and seeing as these go in the freezer, they're perfect.

    The sponge bombs look like fun!

  5. Hi Bianca, love those sponge bombs (now that I know what they are!!). Can I have the ice-cream sandwich recipe please? The link didn't work for me. x


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